George F. Linstead

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A Musician of Renown

This site is devoted to the memory of George Frederick Linstead (“GFL”), musician, critic  and composer. 

The biographical section sets out the salient dates and events in GFL’s life, starting with his childhood in Derbyshire, the early evidence  of his  musical talents and his struggles to make his way as a musician and composer in Sheffield following the  sudden death of his father. Details are given of  his  flowering as a composer in the 1930s and his growing musical reputation in Sheffield and beyond. The post-war period is also covered.

The Appreciation assesses GFL’s place in the history of music in Sheffield and more generally in the history of twentieth-century British music.

The principal works of the composer are listed. Some of these are available as downloads for private listening.

Details are given of events organized in 2008 onwards to mark the centenary year of GFL’s birth.


George Frederick Linstead
musician, composer and critic
(1908 - 1974)